The Tongue Right Positioner (TRP) is an oral medical device designed to stimulate the tongue to adopt physiological positions at rest or in function. It constrains by preventing dysfunctions and stimulates by promoting mature functions and guides the tongue to physiological positions.

The daily use of the TRP during the night allows a continuous action of the device on the tongue and makes it a particularly effective tool for the reeducator.

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An appropriate solution

Reeducation of the tongue is not always easy and fast. It requires a strong involvement of the patient and the reeducator for several months and this constraint linked to daily exercises is not always adapted to our rhythm of life or that of our children. Too often, the frequency of these exercises gradually decreases, until they are completely forgotten after a few weeks. As a result of this poor compliance, the results of reeducation become random.


A tongue reeducation system makes it possible to improve compliance with treatment and therefore the effectiveness of reeducation: faster, more effective and above all more stable over time. It will be more effective if it can be worn while sleeping.


This video presents the mode of action of the Tongue Right Positioner. The active element does not correspond to the current device.


The TRP, as its name suggests, was developed to “position the tongue correctly”. By continuously assisting with reeducation, this customized oral device helps to correct tongue dysfunctions and tone muscles. It was invented by Dr Claude Mauclaire, an orthodontist in Troyes.

It has been designed to be simple to use and as easy to use as possible. It is space-saving, can be easily removed and replaced. Above all, it allows you to speak, drink and swallow correctly when worn.

The functioning of the TRP can be summarized as follows. It consists of two parts: a resin band that attaches the TRP to the teeth of the jawbone, and an arch that acts on the tongue. It is this action that will rebalance the muscles of the tongue and correct the dysfunction. The TRP will prevent the mobilization of the muscles involved in suction, force the back of the tongue to remain flat against the collars of the jaw teeth, prevent it from being sucked towards the pharynx in a lying position. Gradually, the stress will turn into stimulation: it will rise just behind the incisors in the so-called “apexial” position. This should allow the tongue to be anchored during swallowing to arm the movement and make it more efficient and standardized.

The back of the tongue will spread transversely due to the trans palatal bar which promotes the enlargement of the pharynx.

During the first reeducation session with a trained health professional, the course and details of treatment will be taught to the patient, so that he or she will be autonomous in the evening and at night. The TRP should be worn in accordance with the treatment plan proposed by the reeducator to optimize tongue reeducation.


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